Alliant Systems customer service is top notch, great communication from dispatch to the technicians onsite.

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The HVAC systems of today have many moving parts that work together. When a part fails and a system crashes, the results can be disastrous. To minimize the risk, many of our clients contract with us for ongoing maintenance service.

Our HVAC maintenance focuses mainly on heating and cooling for large commercial and industrial facilities. Our clients rely on us to monitor their systems’ performance on a regular basis. We keep everything working well to prevent breakdowns and minimize energy use.



Even a small plumbing leak can turn into a huge problem. Our in-house plumbers are fully licensed and bonded for all maintenance repair services. We’re here for you, 24/7 all year long.

More than just plumbing repairs and maintenance, this group also provides backflow device testing. By keeping you up to date on this code-required procedure, we help keep your water safe and the City Inspectors happy.

Last but not least, with annual inspections we help you conserve water, limit waste and minimize sewer and water bills. Even lowering usage a few drops per minute can mean significant savings over time. Every drop counts.

Energy Efficiency


Energy costs are the single largest controllable expense in most commercial and industrial buildings. As a trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, we help clients reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint by devising wise, creative strategies for optimal energy consumption.

We crunch numbers and use energy index data to help clients achieve maximum efficiency. We also utilize the latest technology and tools to monitor lighting, CO2, and energy use.

Federal and state incentive programs can be extremely worthwhile. We keep clients apprised of available incentives and help evaluate and implement them. It energizes us.